Professional Services


StoneGuard Clear®

If you are looking to protect your stone countertop, while also enhancing its gloss finish, StoneGuard Clear® is the product for you. Why have your stone serviced every 6-12 months, when you can have StoneGuard® installed once and be satisfied for several years?

"StoneGuard Clear® has a nano composition that provides any stone surface a natural enhanced gloss by a minimum of 300%."

-StoneGuard® USA


StoneGuard Satin®

"StoneGuard Satin® utilizes nearly identical technology from StoneGuard Clear® (for polished stone), but with a very unique design of bringing out increased depth and color of honed stone. A common characteristic and complaint of honed stone is when daylight comes through the house, the honed stone color is washed out. StoneGuard Satin® actually enhances the colors and variations of honed stone."

-StoneGuard® USA


Ceramic Coatings

Looking to protect more than just your stone countertops? We have the perfect solution for you. Nano ceramic coatings provide versatile and long lasting protection for almost all surfaces, including countertops, backsplashes, metal, glass, tiles, and more! See the "Ceramic Coatings" page for more details.