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Protected Stone vs. unprotected stone - One side protected with StoneGuard - Comparison between StoneGuard and Tuffskin

StoneGuard Clear®

If you are looking to protect your stone countertop, while also enhancing its gloss finish, StoneGuard Clear® is the product for you. Why have your stone serviced every 6-12 months, when you can have StoneGuard® installed once and be satisfied for several years?

"StoneGuard Clear® has a nano composition that provides any stone surface a natural enhanced gloss by a minimum of 300%."

-StoneGuard® USA


StoneGuard Satin®

"StoneGuard Satin® utilizes nearly identical technology from StoneGuard Clear® (for polished stone), but with a very unique design of bringing out increased depth and color of honed stone. A common characteristic and complaint of honed stone is when daylight comes through the house, the honed stone color is washed out. StoneGuard Satin® actually enhances the colors and variations of honed stone."

-StoneGuard® USA

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