Ceramic Coatings

What are nano ceramic coatings?

Nano ceramic coatings are liquids that fuse to various surfaces, forming a protective and hydrophobic layer. They enhance the surface's appearance by providing a glossy, long lasting finish. Ceramic coatings are well known for their ability to repel water and contaminants, while also providing UV ray protection.

They are highly durable, capable of handling both indoor and outdoor conditions. 

What surfaces can you apply nano ceramic coatings on?

  • Backsplashes

  • Tiles

  • Glass shower doors

  • Metal

    • Kitchen hoods

    • Kitchen sinks

    • Fixtures

    • Appliances

    • Railings

    • Barbecues

  • Wood​

    • Painted​

    • Varnished

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Nano Ceramic Coating Demo

Here is a perfect example of the effects of nano ceramic coatings. As you can see, half of the marble tile is protected with the nano ceramic coating. The protected side (the right side) repels water while it's being poured onto the surface. When the tile is tilted upward, most of the beaded water on the protected side runs off the surface, leaving it dry and clean. The water on the unprotected side holds onto the surface, making it harder to dry and keep clean.